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ShapeSheet Cell Reference Syntax, Comments and Errata
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I've noted a couple of errors and clarifications on cell-reference syntax, relating to the table on P186.



Cell Pattern Example
Shape on other page (correct in V2KDSG) Pages[pagename]!Sheet.ID!cellname Pages[Page-2]!Sheet.1!Height Note you must use Sheet.ID to refer to shape, not Name.ID form.
Page cell on same page (correct in V2KDSG) ThePage!cellname ThePage!PageHeight Can use Sheet.0 in place of ThePage
Page cell on other page (incorrect in V2KDSG and DVS) Pages[pagename]!ThePage!cellname Pages[Page-2]!ThePage!PageHeight Note how ThePage substitutes for a Sheet.ID to select what, in the Automation model is Page.PageSheet. Indeed, you can use Sheet.0 in place of ThePage.
Cell in Master (incorrect in V2KDSG and DVS) Masters[mastername]!ThePage!cellname Masters[Rectangle]!ThePage!PageHeight Note similar structure to other-Page reference. Also note thisrefers to  the Local Document stencil, not a separate stencil file.


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