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Silencing unwanted message boxes
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Although not strictly related to the topics in the UI chapter, that's about the closest chapter for this topic.

Certain Visio functions sometimes pop up a message box that the user must acknowledge. An example is the message box that appears when you ungroup a shape, warning that this will sever the connection to the master.

Of course, if it's your Solution code that's doing the ungrouping you probably don't want that message box to appear.

Kevin Wyatt of Viswest Integrated Solutions notes that the Application.AlertResponse property can be used to suppress these messageboxes:

  application.alertresponse = 1
  ' run your code to do whatever - all dialogs that would appear here 
  ' will receive an OK click and not be visible>
  application.alertresponse = 0 'Must do this to restore dialogs again.

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